07 Sep, ’21

Psionic—Stiletto M80 Demonstration, Long-Distance Obstacle Detection [September 14–16, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, Fort Story, VA]

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Psionic—Stiletto M80 Demonstration Long-Distance Obstacle Detection September 14–16 Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek—Fort Story Military and Government Employees Only  Dock-side demonstration and review of performance conducted during August 2021 trials using a Stiletto M80 tracking multiple, simultaneous objects while running between 0–30 knots. For information, please contact: Ken Morrison Vice President—Psionic Defense kmorrison@psionic.ai or +1 803-448-1754 View all Psionic Defense white papers, handouts, and technical briefs >

03 Mar, ’20

Battle for Idlib: Turkey’s drones and a new way of war [Al Jazeera]

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Battle for Idlib: Turkey’s drones and a new way of war What gives drones an edge over manned aircraft in certain missions and why is Turkey suddenly excelling at them? Alex Gatopoulos | March 3, 2020 | Al Jazeera Article excerpts: “Recent Turkish air raids have destroyed dozens of Syrian government tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and air defence systems sharply halting Syria’s advance towards Idlib. Allegedly launched in retaliation for an attack that killed 34 Turkish soldiers, the Turkish air offensive over Syria did not use manned aircraft but fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as UAVs or drones. [ READ MORE ]

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