Psionic’s proprietary technology for space operations and planetary exploration provides extraordinary precision and performance in a reduced SWaP design for landing, docking, and navigation.

Psionic for Landing on Planetary Bodies

Psionic advanced technology is built upon NASA core technology—which Psionic has developed to deliver extreme performance and mission assurance.


Psionic for Rendezvous and Proximity Operations

Psionic advanced technology can increase operational assurance by delivering instantaneously range and vector velocity with cm-level accuracy for Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking in Space.


Psionic for Navigation on Planetary Bodies

Psionic advanced technology delivers highly-accurate relative navigation without reliance on external signals of any kind.


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Psionic Space News

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Developing and Testing Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL)

Navigation Doppler Lidar (23 minutes)

NASA Langley Research Center’s development of Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL), the underlying technology used in Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar. [NASA, February 14, 2020]

Navigation Doppler Lidar (6 minutes)

Testing Navigation Doppler Lidar (NDL) aboard Masten Space Systems’ Xodiac as part of the Co-Operative Blending of Autonomous Landing Technologies (COBALT) system. [NASA, June 13, 2017]

Point of Contact, Conferences and Trade Shows, and News

Psionic Space Point of Contact

Learn more about our technology capabilities, applications and development roadmap, and how Psionic’s core, proprietary technology can be adapted to your mission needs. [Communications and information may be ITAR Restricted.]

Cliff Cummings

Vice President—Space

+1 833 774 6642 x 804 office
+1 703-622-8622 cell

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Psionic attends several trade shows throughout the year and hosts special events and demonstrations and exercises.

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