Image Credits

Images used in Psionic materials do not imply endorsement of Psionic or its products.

All images have been cleared by their respective agencies for public use and/or supplied on public platforms with the agreement that credit is disclosed. Images used on this site include those from:

Psionic Space

  • International Space Station (Alexander Gerst, Flickr CC 2.0)
  • Rendering of Jezero Crater on Mars, a future Mars landing site for 2020 mission (Kevin Gill, Flickr CC 2.0)
  • Rendering of a descent module landing to Mars (Sculptor, Pond5 Commercial)
  • Rendering of undocking (Sculptor, Pond5 Commercial)

Psionic Defense

  • US Army Official Page (Flickr, CC 1.0 and/or CC 0.0)
  • US Department of Defense (Flickr, CC 1.0 and/or CC 0.0)
  • Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa-U.S. 6th Fleet (Flickr, CC 1.0 and/or CC 0.0)
  • Official U.S. Navy Page (Flickr, CC 1.0 and/or CC 0.0)

Psionic Consumer / Industrial

  • Truck in motion (SoulRider.222, Flickr CC1.0)
  • Rendering of an aerial view of city intersection GPS navigation system (DedMityay, Pond5 Commercial)
  • Car tires on winter road (zefart, Pond5 Commercial)
  • Balancing steam turbine (photosoup, Pond5 Commercial)