Psionic SurePath

Psionic SurePath is a self-contained system that provides long range, precision navigation without external signals of any kind.

SurePath functions side-by-side with existing navigation systems, detects when GPS is spoofed or jammed, and provides “grade-jumping” performance over other INS-based navigation solutions.

  • For all platforms: mounted, dismounted, and aircraft (rotary and fixed wing)

  • Requires no external signals of any kind, and no map or knowledge of the terrain

  • Plug-and-play

  • Data can be output to any device in any format (VICTORY, others)

  • Supports system of systems architecture (CMOSS, others)

  • Ruggedized to meet MIL STD 810

  • Compatible with Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) for handheld devices

Dismounted Troops
Ground Operations
Air—Low Altitude
Air—Medium Altitude
Air—High Altitude

Psionic SurePath Performance Compared to INS Sensors by Grade

Grade / Time 10 Minutes 1 Hour (60 Minutes)
Consumer 200 km (200,000 m) 39,000 km (39,000,000 m)
Industrial 20 km (20,000 m) 3,900 km (3,900,000 m)
Tactical 2 km (2,000 m) 400 km (400,000 m)
Navigation 100 m 10 km (10,000 m)
Psionic SurePath™ 15 m 400 m
Industry data: VectorNav (2021); Psionic data (2021)

Psionic SurePath provides precision navigation in GPS degraded or denied environments with no external signals of any kind. Backs up GPS in APNT systems.

Off-Road Test

Location Military Test Facility
Date July 2021
Distance / Duration 1.6 Miles / ~12 Minutes

Surface Road Test

Location Hampton, Virgina
Date July 2021
Distance / Duration 3.75 Miles / ~12 Minutes

Psionic System Roadmap

Increasing performance while decreasing SWaP

Point of Contact

Psionic Defense Point of Contact

Learn more about our technology capabilities, applications and development roadmap, and how Psionic’s core, proprietary technology can be adapted to your mission needs. [Communications and information may be ITAR Restricted.]

Ken Morrison

Vice President—Defense

+1 833 774 6642 x803 office
+1 803 448 1754 cell

Psionic Defense Updates

4Q2021—Multi-Day Extended Off-Road Tests

3Q2021—”Sensor-fused Doppler Lidar/IMU for Terrestrial Navigation” presented at JNC 2021

3Q2021—Demonstration at the Geospatial Research Lab (GRL)

3Q2021—Psionic SurePath™ Demonstration at Military Test Facility

2Q2021—Psionic—Stiletto M80 Demonstration on Long-Distance Obstacle Detection, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, Fort Story, VA

2Q2021—Psionic Receives NASA Award to Significantly Reduce Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) of Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar

2Q2021—Psionic—Stiletto M80 Demonstration on Long-Distance Obstacle Detection, Virginia Beach, VA

1Q2021—Psionic signs two CRADAs

Psionic Research and White Papers

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