Psionic Doppler Lidar performance attributes meet or exceed performance requirements for safety and reliability across a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications.

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Psionic Consumer / Industrial Applications

The characteristics of Psionic Doppler Lidar that make it well-suited for many applications in the Space and Defense industries—very fast, accurate over long distances, eye safe, non-contact—also make it well-suited to a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

Automotive Reference Sensor

The prevailing view of lidar for automotive and autonomous vehicle customers today is producing a point cloud (I.e., lidar as imager) as a data fusion input for the AV challenge of both localization and perception.

Psionic’s proprietary Reference Sensor is an entirely new product that can provide both precision localization as well as vehicle pose—a critical input for active safety systems. Today’s vehicles rely primarily on GPS signals for localization, but AVs require much greater precision. The Reference Sensor, using SurePath technology originally developed for military applications, provides precision navigation capabilities regardless of GPS signal.

For active safety systems, understand the vehicle’s directional state or pose is a critical input necessary for active safety systems such as collision over-steer, under-steer, anti-lock brakes and other safety systems. The Reference Sensor is available in a reduced form factor and testing with automotive partners.  Please reach out for additional information.

Gravimetry for Oil and Gas Exploration

We live in a power hungry world and fossil fuels will continue to play a role alongside renewables. Prospecting for energy is a technical and continually innovating field. Traditionally seismic and other data has played a primary role in helping geologists understand what is below the surface, but gravitational and magnetic data can lead additional insights.

The challenge with gravimetry has been the actual instrumentation/technology powerful and sensitive enough to detect these minute changes in the planet’s localized gravity field. Only Psionic technology is powerful enough, and this new and novel application has been used in tests on multiple continents augmenting existing systems for potentially better results.

Turbine Overspeed Monitoring

Large industrial systems and their component technologies are expensive, complex and subject to extreme requirements not the least is considerable power and duty cycle requirements. They require precise diagnostics for safe, reliable performance.

A non-contact optical system using Psionic Doppler Lidar technology measures the rotational rate of the turbine (axle, compressor blades, or turbine blades). The system directly measures the rotational velocity of the target surface from a static (non-moving) surface to a high-speed surface. Measurements can be taken 1,000 times per second to reduce potential damage from turbines moving at excessive speeds.

Using Psionic technology turbines can be measured continually and never need to be taken out of operation for measurement.

Psionic SurePath™ Specifications

Psionic SurePath Doppler Lidar is a mature technology that optically measures range and velocity vectors at long distances. It enhances performance of defense systems increasing lethality and survivability.

Range Effective Range: > 5,000 meters
Extended range available for specific applications.
Accuracy Range measurement: < 1 ft
Velocity measurement: < 2 cm/sec over full operating range
Chassis 4th Gen Chassis
Dimensions: 9.3″L x 6.2″W x 7.0″H; < Volume: 403.6″; Mass: 8.5kg
Ares 2021 (Proof of Concept) Chassis
5.5″L x 2.5″W x 7.5″H; Volume: 103.2″; Mass: TBD

Reduced SWaP available upon request.

Optics Four 1/2″–2″ available depending on application.
Reduced SWaP available upon request.
Attributes 4-channel design is always on for redundancy and self-test
Measures vehicle velocity vectors (Vx, Vy, Vz)
Eyesafety Class 1
Ruggedized to meet MIL STD 810
Measurement Rate Subhertz–250 Hz

Psionic Consumer / Industrial

Psionic High-Speed Non-Contact Measurement for Turbine Overspeed Protection

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Psionic SurePath™ delivers reliable navigation in challenging real world environments

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White Paper:
Overcoming Issues in Precise Navigational Methods

Dr. Donald R. Erbschloe,
Erbschloe Technical Consulting

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Psionic Technical Brief:
Errors and Uncertainty in GPS Navigation (Excerpt)

Dr. Donald R. Erbschloe,
Erbschloe Technical Consulting

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Psionic Doppler Lidar Application Development Kit

Includes both the hardware and software needed to develop your application.

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Psionic Consumer / Industrial
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