Psionic meets or exceeds performance requirements for safety and reliability across a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications.

Psionic Commercial Applications

The characteristics of Psionic technology that make it well-suited for many applications in the Space and Defense industries—very fast, accurate over long distances, eye safe, non-contact—also make it well-suited to a variety of consumer and industrial applications, including:

Psionic Navigation for Air Taxis and Drone Delivery Systems

Acceptance of air taxis and drone package delivery requires an unprecedented level of safety and public confidence. Psionic sensors can help enable this with precise navigation that works even when GPS is unavailable, due to multipath, jamming or spoofing. In addition to precise navigation, our sensors can detect collision hazards as well as a detect vehicle vibrations that might indicate a impending mechanical problem. Used with adaptive flight controls, the precise aircraft response to control actuation can be used to compensate for package shifting or some aircraft failure scenarios.

In addition to Safety and helping compliance to regulatory requirements, Psionic technology enables high density airfield operations and tighter aircraft spacing, resulting in more efficiencies and profit.

Automotive Reference Sensor

The prevailing view of lidar for automotive and autonomous vehicle customers today is producing a point cloud (I.e., lidar as imager) as a data fusion input for the AV challenge of both localization and perception.

Psionic’s proprietary Reference Sensor is an entirely new product that can provide both precision localization as well as vehicle pose—a critical input for active safety systems. Today’s vehicles rely primarily on GPS signals for localization, but AVs require much greater precision. The Reference Sensor, using SurePath technology originally developed for military applications, provides precision navigation capabilities regardless of GPS signal.

For active safety systems, understand the vehicle’s directional state or pose is a critical input necessary for active safety systems such as collision over-steer, under-steer, anti-lock brakes and other safety systems. The Reference Sensor is available in a reduced form factor and testing with automotive partners.  Please reach out for additional information.

Psionic Gravimetry Correction Sensor for Oil and Gas Exploration

The Psionic Gravimetry Correction Sensor (GCS) is designed to collect data used in the processing of aerial gravimetry surveys.  Aerial gravimetry has several correction terms that our sensor can improve. These might vary in the specific gravimeter configuration and operations employed by the user, but in general these use precise and accurate measurement of the aerial platform motion to establish acceleration and location as a function of time. In some installations, a future GCS might also measure attitude (pitch and roll) and altitude (height above the surface).

The Psionic GCS can provide improved correction data for these five corrections: Bouguer, Eötvös, Acceleration, Rotation, and Location. (Due to export control requirements, the Bouger term may only be available to US customers, as it uses the ranging function of the NDL technology.)

Our baseline NDL technology provides a highly accurate and precise measurement of velocity in all three axes, one can take the differential to determine acceleration and integrate to determine distance traveled. Rate gyros and, if our telescopes have some distance between them, velocity difference can establish tilt. Our precision and sampling rate makes it far more accurate than GPS, which updates at 10hz.

Psionic Commercial—Research + White Papers

White Paper:
Overcoming Issues in Precise Navigational Methods

Dr. Donald R. Erbschloe,
Erbschloe Technical Consulting

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Psionic Technical Brief:
Errors and Uncertainty in GPS Navigation (Excerpt)

Dr. Donald R. Erbschloe,
Erbschloe Technical Consulting

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Psionic Doppler Lidar Application Development Kit

Includes both the hardware and software needed to develop your application.

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