Jamming, precision artillery and long range drone strikes on Libyan battlefield offer lessons learned for US military

Shawn Snow | February 24, 2020 | Military Times

Article excerpts:

“The battlefield now features air defense systems, long-range drones, electronic war and the jamming of GPS systems that stretches 50 miles in from the Libyan coast — a hallmark of near-peer conflicts like Ukraine’s war with Russia and its separatist forces on the eastern front.

‘The use of air power and precision technology, including precision-guided artillery, has become a dominant feature of an otherwise low-intensity conflict,’ the UN report reads. ‘Multiple incidents of precision air strikes conducted by unknown aircraft have occurred, in apparent violation of the United Nations arms embargo.’

The rapidly-morphing war in Libya may provide U.S. forces and American commandos an experimental battlefield to gauge how U.S. troops can compete with rising near-peers in a region often dominated by low-tech conflict and violent extremist groups.”

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